Thom Trew About Me

About the Artist

Hello and welcome.  I have always enjoyed painting and now value the means of understanding the processes of self transformation, within my little self, or the persona called Thom Trew. To aspire to do better and develop the skills to do so; to learn how to draw from the inexhaustible well of creativity available to all. That is the ongoing work I have for myself.  In relation to these paintings I should mention that none of them have any reference to any source apart from the content of my psyche.  There are no photos, sketches or drawings.  None of these scenes, figures or landscapes exist in the so~called physical world.  My paintings are not designed, they are discovered as they emerge out of initial chaos, then individuated into recognition.  This way can be quick or slow.  I always begin without plan or mental input which allows the unexpected to manifest.



Latest News
This is the beginning of my enterprise. My hope is to arouse some interest in this work I love doing.  I have no former experience of selling art or exhibition of my art - to that extent I am a babe in the woods.  I am open to good advice - offers of any kind will receive my immediate and earnest consideration.


Thanks for reading this far and having a look.